Tactile sensors

Sensitivity for robots

In the automation environment, tactile sensors ‐ in particular 6‐dimensional force‐torque sensors ‐ are of particular importance. They represent the sense of touch for robots and motion systems. In this area, AMS supplies components such as force / torque sensors and associated data acquisition systems, as well as complete system solutions. For the implementation of sophisticated handling and robot applications, there are preconfigured software modules for common robot controls, which enable powerful movement adjustment based on the data of a force / torque sensor in real time.


Current activities are concerned with the further development with regard to functionally safe force‐torque sensors in order to extend the areas of application to human‐robot cooperation applications.

Force‐torque sensors in testing technology

Robot systems with 6‐dimensional force‐torque sensors are particularly suitable for testing tasks because they directly record and evaluate the interacting forces in all degrees of freedom. They enable haptic tests to be carried out immediately, for example with regard to the switching behavior of switches. The direct feedback of the sensor data in the motion execution enables the execution of the capable assembly processes ‐ even of sensitive components.